After the year we’ve had, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to summer and spending time at the bay.

Annual Breckfast BBQ

The annual breakfast BBQ will be held on Saturday 2nd January starting from 8.30am on the beach reserve, weather permitting. Should the weather be unsuitable for this event, then a notice will be posted on the reserve along with email advice to people currently on our list. (If you do not receive our email notifications, contact: to be added).

Please remember to bring your own plates, utensils, cups, seating etc. for the breakfast BBQ. If you have friends/family visiting, bring them along.

The band will be in attendance again.

Come along and mix and mingle and enjoy the facilities we have here in Algies Bay.

This event is put on by the Algies Bay Residents & Ratepayers Assn, and we couldn’t do it without our sponsors:

Anna Carmichael, New World Warkworth Wayne Atkins, Mahurangi Marine Sarah Howlett, Harcourts Rushworth Café, Wynyard Quarter

A gold coin donation would be welcome.

A Membership Subscription table will be set up for those wanting to pay their $10 for the 2020/21 period.

Invasive Weeds & Wasp Season

The invasive weed, Arudon Grass (or bamboo grass) has been identified at the Southern end of the Bay. This has been reported to the Council.

Also, wasp season is with us again. Visit (wasps) for more info on wasps and Auckland Council’s website Auckland Council Pest Search for more info on plants/pests of concern.

Reserve Trees

Treescape completed their follow-up inspection of the trees and have removed one which was confirmed to have died. The remaining 4 trees of concern still have small areas of foliage so will continue to be monitored.

New Website

Please explore our new website which our local resident, Ryan Peterson of has put together for us.


The Annual General Meeting is to be held on Saturday 17th April at the Betty Paxton Room, Mahurangi Community Centre, Snells Beach, starting at 10am.

Representatives from Auckland Council and the Rodney Local Board will be attending.

We encourage all residents to attend as it’s an opportunity to hear about the past and future year’s activities planned.

Refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the AGM.

Reserve Toilets

Auckland Council will be carrying out repairs/maintenance on the toilets from 7th – 18th December. Portaloos will be provided during this time.

Etiquette on the Reserve, Ramp and Beach

With overseas travel not possible, we expect to see more people using the Bay over the summer months. To keep the Bay and beach a safe area for children and adults alike, we encourage everyone to be mindful when using these public spaces.

  • Be careful when using vehicles on the beach (eg: no hooning).
  • Patience on the boat ramp, especially during the busy times.
  • Ramp only to be used for launching/retrieving of boats. All other preparations to be done in parking zones away from ramp.
  • No parking in the bay beside the BBQ, opposite the toilets.
  • Keep your speed under 5 knots when motoring between the yellow 5kt buoy and shoreline.
  • Be sure to wash down your boats carefully especially if they are left in the water for some time to avoid invasive species, such as Mediterranean fan worm, being transported to other locations.
  • No swimming around the ramp where boats are being launched/retrieved.
  • No fish carcasses to be thrown overboard near or on the beach.

Final Message for 2020

We wish everyone all the very best for the festive season. Relax and enjoy our wonderful Bay and what it has to offer over summer.

Most of all take care on the roads and water by keeping yourselves and others safe.